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Monday, March 26, 2007

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, "Got It Together Again" (1971)

V. EXCITING WEEKEND: I spent most of it trying to balance the checkbook for an account that I've neglected to keep close tabs on since, oh, December, and yet have spent lots out money out of.

My favorite example of mathematical incompetence occurs in the middle of "Got It Together Again," the track that closes Nancy's and Lee's 1971 vinyl album Did You Ever? Saint Etienne covered the song for Total Lee!, but sadly declined to recreate this classic spontaneous exchange:

Nancy: We're the oldest...
Lee: ...teenyboppers? In the world? 72?
Nancy: 72?! No, that's the next album!
Lee: No, if you add us together!
Nancy: Oh. How old are you?
Lee: I'll be four-two.
Nancy: 42? And I'm 30.
Lee: Right. That's 72, any way you add it up.

You'd think that Nancy, bless her soul, could have avoided having her blonde moment committed to record by paying attention to THE TITLE OF THE SONG SHE WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF SINGING.


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