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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Junior Senior, "UR A Girl" (2005)

One of the first lines you hear on Junior Senior's new album Hey Hey My My Yo Yo is: "Put on your pants/Cause you just might want to dance." That's genius. I mean, it's the best reason I've yet heard for putting on pants, and one that even Homer Simpson might get behind.

That 45-second introductory snippet then goes into the first proper song on the album, called "Hip Hop A Lula," which features one of those ba-ba-ba-ba-ba disco riffs like in "Theme from S-Express." Because Junior Senior can't very well tell you a reason for wearing pants, and then not give you a chance to test out that reason, can they?

And then, the third song on the album, "Can I Get Get Get," comes along, and makes you think that it should have illegitimate lovechildren with Howard Jones's "Like To Get To Know You Well," and those hyperactive bastards could take over all the discos where they can use their arsensal of stutteringly dorky but effective pick-up lines. And further, there is a song wherein Junior Senior don't just use handclaps, but become them. Hardcore personification.

The inane catchiness doesn't much let up, but this track might be the best thing on the album. Properly sung rather than rapped (not that there's anything wrong with the latter), this is an ode to a girl that Junior might not even know (she's either a girl, or his girl -- there's no difference, apparently, since either is a fit subject for song). There are harmonies and "ooh-la-las" that make it sound like Sha-Na-Na, except happier. It mentions windchimes and rollerskates. Why more do you need (except possibly your own set of wheels, the better to roller boogie along)?


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