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Friday, September 09, 2005

Leomoon, "Stay" (1999)

Circa 1999-2000: I am living in the Boston area, near a cute little store called Record Hog. Among its charms are: used CDs, a friendly proprietess whose name may have been Una, racks of 80s 12" singles that are so fun to browse, and two cats that insist on sleeping on the exact CD you want.

I look through the $1 used CD stack, and for no particular reason am attracted to one by a band named Leomoon. "No particular reason": I had never heard of the group, and even the cover, while tasteful, isn't especially arresting. Perhaps I am intrigued by reading the credits and seeing that it's a band with two men and a lead female singer. That's the universal recipe for good pop music, after all.

At home, I play the CD and it is no great shakes. In fact, it is actively annoying in that, after 11 songs, the CD goes into 87 -- 87! -- tracks, each lasting 6 seconds, of silence, before a final track with some crap noise on it. Great joke, guys. But there is one memorable number on the CD: a fairly good pop melody, sung over a scratchy trip-hop beat that features bursts of a hooky keyboard riff. Some DJ pops up every now and then to tell us to "check this out!", while backing vocalists coo "Oooh, and I like it!" While I myself might have whispered it more softly, it's a fair enough sentiment.

2001: Still in Boston. I buy an EP by A Girl Called Eddy at Other Music called Tears All Over Town (Everything But The Girl shout-out!) and am entranced by its lush 60s melancholic pop stylings.

2003: No longer staying in Boston, I learn with sadness that Record Hog is closing shop, or at least becoming a more web-based business (not that there's any trace of it at the URL). I also find out that her name is "Ina." Which makes more sense...than Una, I guess.

2004: In London, I surprise myself by finding an advance copy of A Girl Called Eddy's self-titled album, which goes on to land a place on my year-end list of favorite albums at #4. Maybe #3.

2005: I realize (possibly from here) that before she started recording under the name A Girl Called Eddy, Erin Moran was the singer in Leomoon. I wonder how the cats are doing. "Won't you stay?"


  • just a quick note to say great new blog - you are off to a ripping start!

    By Blogger John, at 2:05 PM  

  • Thanks, John. If I start running out of ideas I will post topless pictures of myself. As per your advice and all that, heh.

    By Blogger Brittle, at 2:09 PM  

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