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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nick Kamen, "Wonders Of You" (1988)

Im a 15-year old girl from the year 1988, and Im here to say, Eeeeeeee!!! NICK KAMEN!!! Like Im so glad I found you guyz, cuz I didn' think other peepz like him, and cuz the internet haznt been invented yet. But your so tight, y'all, like a communittee of fanz and everythin'. UR SO COOL!!!

Nick is awsome! LOL LOL LOL. when i saw him in that Levis ad I almoz died. LOL. NICK UR SOOOO HOTT in your boxerz and stuff, sitting in that laudrowhateva. Luz yeahz.

But then i heard madonna likes you, and im like, yo' bitch, step off. she ho. with scabies. i sawz Nick 1st, ok? ok, maybe like itz good that she wrote a song for you and all, but Nick you bettah not go near that skank.

OMG im funny!!! lmao kidding!!!

ok ok "each time you break my heart" is cool even if she did write it. like it came on the radio in 86 and i was all SQUEEEE. it wuz a hit in the UK and on the US dance chartz and everythin. Rick Dees said so. i bet it waz really written by stephen bray anyway. justz don be breakin my heart ok nick? the album next year is dead cool, becuz itz all 50s sounding and stuff, with awsome awsome retro songz like "win your love" and "come softly to me." Haterz die!!!

and then you made me wait a yearz. playing hard to getz ha ha ha? but totally worth it. ok, so between 87 and 88 my life was like totally tragic, becuz i burned down my parentz houz when i left the curling iron on, like i dont have better thingz to do then turn electrical appliances off? whatev. at least i saved my walkman. but now nick you have this new album Us, and it's like OMG, ur speaking directly to me. Becuz U + Me = Us!!!! 4EVA!!!

The cover is sooooo dreamy. Nick is all like hitchhikin' and his boots are 2 freakin' cool! And all the songz are awsome, ok? I mean nick even helped write some of them. that bitch madonna popz up again on backing vocals on "tell me," but ok, whatev. she does the "if u could stay one night, u would save my life" bit, which is cool. AND TRUE!!! u can even download the extended version if you are livin in the future. and then "steal love" is like, ohmigod, 7 minutes long and cool way to end album. I never thot i wouldnt be bored. but it rox!!! but my fave is like the 1st song, cuz nick is like asking me to bring him my love and all. LOL LOL LOL!!! And i really like "wonders of you," cuz their iz a zig-zig-zig stringz sound in the background. Itz so poppy! And catchy!!! Also cuz you cant get it on that website, LOL.

Nick, ur so underappreciated. if i could see the future i would know that u then releaz 2 more proper albums, Move Till We Fly and Whatever, Whenever, and they will actually be awsome, especially the latter, even tho by that time no one would care. Including me. and if this wuz 2005 you would be robbie williams. BUT HOTT!!! or cool. One or the other.


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