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Monday, October 17, 2005

OK Go, "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" (2005)

Maybe it's just the strained male falsetto, but this sounds like it could be ELO. The band name even rhymes with ELO! Am I straining? OK Go are generally quite rubbish, being a power-rock band who is usually too noisy for my taste. Nevertheless, they did set five blogs alight a few months ago with the hilarious video for their song "A Million Ways," which features them dorkily doing a synchronized water ballet routine in their backyard. Except without the water, and, also, not so balletic. Ross and Monica would be pro-ooo-ud.

It was enough, in any case, to get me to give the album Oh No a listen, whereupon I concluded that there were maybe two, three okay songs on it, and one brilliant one. This mid-tempo track, built on a insistently grinding but gentle guitar riff, also has a surprisingly effective lyric. He's working himself up into a complete lather thinking about his ex and who she is now sleeping with ("Whose sheets you twist? Whose face you kiss?"), but the great lyrical hook that is the repeated line (with some very pregnant pauses) "Whose house, are you haunting, tonight?" also gives the track a kind of spooky melancholy. It's really quite fantastic.

Things will indeed be a little quiet here the rest of the week, as I have some travelin' to do. That's why I blogged over the weekend, the better to keep you entertained, my lovelies. Be back next week.


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