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Monday, November 21, 2005

Saint Etienne, "Dream Lover" (2005)

I'm always surprised to remember that "languid" has, according to the dictionary, almost entirely negative connotations. Faint. Weak. Inert. Dull. Sluggish. Wanting in vigor or vitality. Slow in movement. Showing an indisposition -- natural (bad enough...) or affected (...but then it gets worse) -- to physical exertion. Not easily roused to emotion. Of ideas, style, language: wanting in force, vividness, or interest.

So when I say that almost all of the pleasure in this song, a forthcoming bonus track, which I played a million times over the weekend, on the US version of Saint Etienne's Tales From Turnpike House, comes from the way Sarah sings the words at the end of each line -- languidly -- I better clarify that I find it, not just not negative, but incredibly sexy. "You're a dream, love-er-eeer-ver. It's a deep rive-ee-ee-ver." The clock in the hallway may go tick-tick-ticking away, but it hardly seems to matter. Time stands still, it hesitates, we wait. But we don't mind. Those who run don't always have all the fun. Baby we can do it, take the time, do it right. We can do it, baby.


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