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Monday, November 28, 2005

Will Young, "All Time Love" (2005)

Will Young is fine. I have never disliked him. I have never loved him. I like the idea of him. He is fine.

He does good work here. It's a new song from his Keep On album. He tries hard on the record. He covers Shawn Lee's "Happiness." He works with Nitin Sawhney. He tries.

This song is supposed to be the new "Leave Right Now." I don't know about that. But it's a good song. You know what I like about it? Will's phrasing on the title line. I like the way he sings "Till an all, time, love. Nothing else. Is. Good enough. Want an all, time, love." It's good. It's staccato phrasing. He doesn't let each syllable run over. Each one is distinct. Discrete. All. Time. Love. The end of the line is less staccato. "To fiiind mee-eeee." But that's for contrast. The clipped part hints at reticence. Maybe he's been bruised before. He hopes for an all time love. But he is also measured. He won't completely let go. He's not over dramatic. That's girly. He tempers his hopes. He keeps something inside. He's like Hemingway. A man's man.

The strings are beautiful too.


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