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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Alison Moyet, "Steal Me Blind" (1984)

(We interrupt this programme.)

You guys, I totally found my soulmate. The song featured today, which you're welcome to steal, will be the one we slow-dance to at our wedding...except that I don't even think we need a wedding since we are already mind-meldingly one. She -- and it is a "she," but don't judge me -- and I are so alike that it's spooky.

Some, although probably not many, of you may know that before I started writing about music here, I wrote a personal journal that was titled, logically enough, Brittle Lemon. (In many ways Tremble Clef is still a personal journal, except with music, but I digress.) It was, like this one, a small little blog that I wrote for my, and maybe a few friends' enjoyment.

But, apparently, also for the benefit of someone named "Resplendent." I don't really want to write about this and link from here, so you should instead head over to the old journal for the rest of the story, if you're interested.


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