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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Eric Kupper presents Xenon featuring Bonnie Bailey, "Cocoon" (2005)

One of the bad things about winter, of course, is how cold it gets in bed. Yet the situation offers its own perverse pleasures. If you're stationary long enough, you can usually warm up a spot such that you create a cocoon of warmth amidst all the freezing cold. That space is pretty damn close to heaven. You never quite want to move, even when you know it's time to turn over so that your arm doesn't go any deader, or, in the light, when you know you have to get up.

Xenon's "Cocoon" is a dance track that I've loved for a few months now. I adore the whoosing sounds, and the relentless, pulsating rhythm. Almost relentless: in the second verse, at around the two-twenty mark, the rhythm does stutter. Turning over in bed. Trying to break out of that which provides warmth and security, but which you need to leave behind in order to grow.


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