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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tina Dico, "Warm Sand" (2006)

And Tina Dico...well, Tina is my least favorite, and part of what made the second Zero 7 album less interesting than the first may have been her -- at least comparatively speaking -- colorlessness. Sorry, Tina. You have a tough last name ("Dickow," hee hee), so I realize I'm just adding to your problems. Maybe in the future I'll post something from your solo album, to make it up to you.

Oh hell, why not. The future is now. And I'm too busy today for anything else. Tina's been a star in her native Denmark for a while now, under her real name Tina Dickow. For reasons I'm sure I can't possibly understand, she has dropped the "k" and "w" for her foray into international pop waters, although I note with amusement that my promo copy of her album, while adopting the new spelling on the sleeve, still shows "Dickow" when you insert the CD into iTunes. You can run, but you can't hide.

This is Tina's first single for the international market, "Warm Sand." It's not that remarkable, honestly, but I guess pleasant enough in that watered-down way I've mentioned Zero 7's singers being dismissed for (except in this case, there's some truth to it). Yes, its title invites confusion with Zero 7's "Warm Sound." Furthermore, and unfortunately, it also makes me think that the song will be about taking a piss on the beach. I'm classy that way.


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