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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shampoo, "Inspector Gadget" (2000)

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Our Father in Heaven, help us!

Some things are too SHOCKING to speak of, but we here must do our duty!

We can exclusively reveal: bubblegum pop song hides secret evil message!

"Inspector Gadget" is a song by pop duo Shampoo. You can find it -- IF YOU DARE! -- on their Absolute Shampoo album. The album was mostly written and produced by Saint Etienne's Bob and Pete, who should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! Although this track wasn't done by them.

The song seems fun and harmless. It's about "Inspector Gadget." We might think it's about an inventive cartoon character who loves electronic doodads. "His Bag Of Tricks Would Confuse 007! Two Mobile Phones Is His Idea Of Heaven!"

But then Shampoo tells us that "Life Would Be Hell Without Duracells!" Huh? And then Shampoo says, "We Know For A Fact He Wants In On The Act!" And they confess, "Everything He Does Nearly Drives Us Insane!" Insane -- WITH PLEASURE!

The meaning could not be plainer! Or sicker! This is obviously a song do we say it? It's about the thing that could REPLACE MEN. The thing that...VIBRATES. And in vibrating, should make every red-blooded man TREMBLE.

We urge you to buy up all copies of Absolute Shampoo* and BURN THEM!

*was only available for a short time in 2000 from the band's website.


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