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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Terri Walker, "This Is My Time (Hit 'n' Run Disco Edit)" (2005)

Is it two or three instances that make a trend? I only ask because, while I can't claim to have heard Terri Walker's entire oeuvre, what I've encountered suggests that she hits the spot more when she's been remixed. The Ben Watt remix of "Guess You Didn't Love Me" was better than the standard version with the Mos Def rap, and now, this Hit 'n' Run disco mix of "This Is My Time" improves on the regular mix immeasurably.

Maybe I'm not being fair, since these remixes effect genre transformations: where the original of "Time" is a rather plodding R'n'B workout, this faster mix, as its name suggests, is all disco bounciness. I'm sorry if this means that I'm essentially counseling a slight career/market change for you, Terri, but, honestly now, you can't put high-pitched tooo-tooo-tooo-bleep-bleep video-gamey noises into the end of a filter-disco mix and not expect me to love it enough to want to see you leave the rote R'n'B behind -- or even the uptempo R'n'B like "Whoopsie Daisy," to which people are just going to mutter "Beyonce knockoff" -- and opt instead for full-time disco divahood.


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