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Friday, April 28, 2006

Shiny Grey, "Why (Rob Wilder and Wes Clark Twisted Disco Mix)" (2006)

This is a cock tease of a song. For clumsy, generic foreplay, we begin with huge thumping drums, primed for mixing. All too soon, these give way to the main event: a big, tough squelchy electro floor-filler that's perfect for the weekend. A minute and a half into the track, something familiar rises up, only to be yanked away from us. That whiff of a riff pops up again thirty seconds later, but just as quickly goes away. So tantalizing. Finally finally, three minutes into the track, it returns as a crowd-pleasing breakdown. Ah, it's a sample from The Apprentice: Martha Stewart theme song, otherwise known as "Sweet Dreams."

Cheeky monkey. I like it when you work me like that.


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