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Friday, May 12, 2006

Anja Garbarek, "The Last Trick" (2005)

Here is the handy Brittle-Lemon guide to frosty, spooky Scandinavian songstresses.

BjörkStina NordenstamAnja Garbarek
Place of originReykjavík, IcelandStockholm, SwedenOslo, Norway
Year of birth196519691970
Channeling Kim Novak?No.No.And how.
Famous parent?No. Because she sprang fully formed from a swan's egg.No. What is family but a breeding ground for tragedy?Yes. her father is jazz saxophonist Jan Garbarek.
Degree of fame, scale of 1-101062
Degree of weirdness1191
Nails-on-chalkboard quality of voice864
Suggested prozac dosage100 mg/day80 mg/day10 mg/day
Go on, then. Recommend me a song."Joga" marks her high point, of course.Pick anything from the last album The World Is Saved."The Last Trick," from the current album Briefly Shaking, featuring a toy piano, a galloping horse to keep time, handclaps, and a lyric about packing it all in.


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