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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Whitest Boy Alive, "All Ears" (2006)

Erlend Øye's new project is called Whitest Boy Alive, and their forthcoming album, Dreams, which was recorded live in the studio, is comprised of ten gentle rock tracks. I feel like Erlend, usually a good comedian, has blown the punchline here. I mean, if you're going to call a band "Whitest Boy Alive," shouldn't you have made an album of, say, gospel or hip-hop songs? Yes, I see you in the corner there, Bloc Party, but indie is already the whitest genre alive. It's like Death Cab For Cutie renaming themselves "So Emotional."

Since I'm not the biggest fan of that genre, the project is less exciting to me than Erlend's day job, or his electronic solo work. The singles "Burning" and "Inflation" are fine, I guess, and I also quite like this song, a bluesy ballad that comes closest to Kings Of Convenience's work. I once made a compilation for some friends; the cover for the CD featured a picture of their dog, who was well-known for being one of the greatest canines in history, and for having asymmetrical ears, since one was perpetually folded over. The title I gave that CD was All Ears. Ha! I slay myself. There are two things, however, I regret about that mix CD. One: this song was not around to act as a title track. Two: its cover subject left us a few months ago, and consequently a huge hole in the hearts of the many people who loved him.

On a happier note, I am taking the rest of the week off to go visit that dog's parents. There'll probably be a post the next few days, but full service will only resume early next week.


  • Am so disappointed by what I have heard from this. I love KoC and his solo record is quite good, but this sounds like demos.

    By Blogger xolondon, at 4:47 AM  

  • Yeah. I'm perhaps more fundamentally disappointed by the fact that he thought it was a good idea -- more authentic? -- to record the album live. There's a good reason why one shouldn't: the results always sound demoish (even if the effect is okay for this song).

    By Blogger Brittle, at 12:02 PM  

  • And I'm disapointed I have been behind in my blog reading so that your link has expired. As one mommy of said dog, I was naturally curious to see what you would now have put as a title track on Mr. Ears' CD.

    By Anonymous aurora floyd, at 8:36 AM  

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