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Monday, July 17, 2006

My Robot Friend featuring Crasta Yo, "Swallow" (2006)

"Boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl boy, boy girl girl boy boy boy boy girl girl boy boy girl."

The more I write the words "boy" and "girl," the weirder they look. That may not have been an intended consequence of this song, but is certainly in keeping with its spirit. "Swallow" sees My Robot Friend team up with out lesbian rapper Crasta Yo for an electroclash number, alternately grunting and spry, that's a celebration of proverbial polymorphous perversity. Looking for a bathroom, Crasta instead stumbles into "what must have been the backroom," where...well, you know the rest. Though, just when you think do, "all change positions!" "Tri bi metro omnisexual, homo hetero, yo, I'm flexible. Horizontal, in a pile, doggie, dragon, lotus-style. From beginner to advanced, drop your hang-ups, drop your pants, it's all release and relaxation, with no weird breakfast conversation." I really should check the Kama Sutra to be sure, but I think that just about covers it.

Meanwhile, My Robot Friend himself sings a chorus in which he "swallowed everything you gave me." It doesn't sound especially safe or politically correct to me, but what kind of perversity is? Besides, he is a robot.


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