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Friday, August 18, 2006

BWO, "We Could Be Heroes" (2006)

Hey fans! Thanks to your suppport, I got through the last round and am in the final six of Idol! How awesome is that? Very! I couldn't have done it without you. It's been such a great experience. I've made such good friends on the show. I love them all, even though as singers they all suck and I rule all.

Don't tell anyone, but I think I have the title in the bag. The producers have already come to me to talk about my coronation song. They want to make sure I get to sing something in the finale that suits my voice and ensure that the public votes for me. As if you wouldn't anyway! They played me a few things that Dick Lee knocked out in his sleep. They were okay, not great though. So I'm trying to persuade them to let me cover Bodies Without Organs' "We Could Be Heroes." You know it? It's the second best track on their album, and I think it's perfect. I mean, the lyric is totally inspirational. "We could be heroes! We could be lovers you and I!" The opening piano sounds like Journey! And I would copy the way Martin sings the chorus: at first in a basic key, and then the music drops out and his voice goes up a step. I would be so good on this -- everyone in the theater will get chills, I tell you, which they'll only be able to dispel by waving their lighters in the air. And then at the end there's even a bit that is ready made for the gospel choir that I assume will accompany me, as they do for every Idol finale, or at least on the American show.

Seriously, it'll be fantastic. The producers are a bit dubious because they would rather I sing some original composition, but I pointed out to them that it's not like BWO are well-known here, and even though this was the album's second single, no one would know it. Well, I do, but I'm cool. Besides, it's not like Ruben Studdard -- and look where he is now! -- didn't do a cover for his coronation song. And a tepid ballad first sung by Westlife at that, which sounded like it was, as my friend pointed out, about wingless tampons. I guess my song too could have some comedy value -- no doubt some wiseass will start singing that we could be gyros -- but I don't care, this track is awesome and I'm so going to win Idol with it, suckers!


  • Sorry bitch. I am voting for Jonathan. He is covering Robyn's "Should've Fucking Known" if he wins!

    ...Though...if you wear Martin BWO's winged hair, thenn I am voting for you because it's all about who brings the HAWT!

    By Blogger xolondon, at 6:43 PM  

  • If I can get my hair to look like that I would be married to Ryan O'Neal.

    By Blogger Brittle, at 12:12 AM  

  • This reminds me of Michael Murphey's "Wildfire," but without the interesting lyrics that make the naff music tolerable.

    By Anonymous esque, at 1:07 AM  

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