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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Camera Obscura, "Tears For Affairs" (2006)

A colleague, who works down the hall from me, is a bit of a fitness freak. In itself, that's deeply admirable. He cycles to work; in this hot, humid weather, that's dedication. And each evening, before he leaves the office -- but while I am still around and thus unable to avoid bumping into him -- he goes for a run, and here my problems begin. He always wears a t-shirt...and some awfully short shorts. We're talking Daisy Dukes, or the kind of shorts beloved by never nudes. Plus, to keep his slightly unruly mop in place, a very 80s sweatband on his head. No legwarmers, though; thank god for small mercies. It's all distressingly Boogie Nights, or perhaps he thinks he's Olivia Newton-John. Well, at least I think it, and then I have an irresistable urge to nuzzle some dolphins.

Normally, I enjoy thinking about ONJ. When, on the chorus of Camera Obscura's "Tears For Affairs," Tracyanne Campbell sings the lines, "You had to drive/Look me in the eye/Whisper it, don’t cry," it makes me want to grab her mike and go, "Seems like forever...and a day! Thought I could never...feel this way! Is this really me?!" That's right; I can't listen to this lovely tweepop song without my mind involuntarily going to ELO's "I'm Alive." Since to me Xanadu is One Of The Greatest Movies Ever Made -- one that I saw twice in the cinemas when it was released, which is a big deal given how I was, like, twelve at the time and barely able or permitted to afford one viewing, let alone two -- this fact is, while slightly disconcerting, not at all unwelcomed. I just wish I could say the same about the daily sighting of my esteemed colleague.


  • I went to a Camera Obscura show recently and this song was definitely the highlight of the night...the best bit being the percusionist striking this kind-of-bell thingy in the chorus.

    By Blogger daavid, at 1:26 PM  

  • ...BTW, there couldn't possibly be a more un-Camera Obscura picture than the one you've posted above. LOL

    By Blogger daavid, at 1:32 PM  

  • Maybe if she had a wooly scarf on?

    By Blogger Brittle, at 2:20 PM  

  • We should all be grateful that the Muses don't wear Daisy-Duke shorts in that opening scene of _Xanadu_.

    By Anonymous esque, at 7:47 PM  

  • Actually, that would have been great! It could have been like a cross between Xanadu and the "Physical" video.

    By Blogger Brittle, at 10:48 AM  

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