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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rainbow Family, "Can See A Rainbow" (2006)

Hello. Your friendly neighborhood blogging unicorn here. Thought I would pop in to tell you what a great time it is for a unicorn to be alive. I mean, not that I'm alive or anything. I'm mythical. Or am I? Yeah, I am. Unless...I'm not! No, yeah, I totally am.

Anyhoo, I was still thinking that it's great to be me nowadays, because there's so much music that's up my alley. I tell ya, the 1990s were rough, what with all that grunge and noise. It was enough to make me feel like I had a massive head tumor, ha ha! Sorry, little unicorn joke there. Ironic indie hipster music is still around, of course (*spits*), and probably will never go away completely, but nowadays making a 90-minute mixtape is so much easier! There's all this hippyish new age pop music, and sometimes they're even about lollipops and rainbows. There's the Polyphonic Spree, who have so much to answer for, and I heart I'm From Barcelona, and they are sometimes all talked about as being part of the yacht rock revival that promises to make 70s soft rock all the rage again. Although I'm not personally a big fan of yachts; I find that I can always just float away on a dream and a song.

This is a good song to do so on. Rainbow Family are two guys from Glasgow, which is of course the portal to unicornland. On this, the 60s-sounding title track of their recent EP (other tracks from it still seem to be up here), there are tinkly bits, dreamy harmonies, and even though there's no actual harp, the whole thing sounds like the kind of music you hear when a movie scene goes into a flashback to happier times. Mmm, it's aural cotton candy.


  • 'I Can See A Rainbow' is an absolute beauty. I bought the EP a few months ago, it's just lovely lovely lovely. Great post!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:36 PM  

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