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Monday, October 02, 2006

Linus Loves, "One More Chance" (2006)

This track has mostly flown under the radar (the otherwise majestic PSB discography makes no mention of it as yet, for example), which is a little surprising given how ear-to-the-ground Pet Shop Boys fans usually are: Linus Loves covering "One More Chance," specifically the Bobby O version with the more pronounced arpeggios.

Maybe the neglect is because all the attention has been siphoned off to another of the album's tracks, "Waterfall," which is not only the catchiest on a largely-disappointing record, but also an odd exercise in testing the limits of what constitutes sampling and cover versions (it's more or less "just" an old 10cc record played at a higher speed. Whereupon, quite hilariously, 10cc ends up sounding like Dolly Parton, as punched up by Bent). Or maybe the neglect is due to "One More Chance" being, well, a not-especially-essential cover: although Cut Copy's Dan Whitford has been drafted to do the vocal honors, the track never makes a fully compelling case for its existence. Maybe Linus Loves should have sped this one up, turned Neil into a chipmunk Kate Bush.

File under "curio," is what I'm saying.


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