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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pleasure featuring Brett Anderson, "Back To You" (2007)

In "Back To You," Fred Ball enlists Brett Anderson to sing of being enslaved to a woman. She flicks her mane, and clicks her fingers, and these things have the potential to draw him to her. Have drawn him to her before, over and over. But in the moment of the song, at least, he is free of her. And in this rare moment of liberation, he resolves: "And when the lands slides/And when the planets die/That's when I come back, when I come back to you/And when the sun cools/And when the stars fall/That's when I come back, come back to you."

The song uses Brett's -- take your pick -- whiny/yearning voice perfectly. It's not a triumphant song about finally being free, but a bitter, despairing one that notices that freedom but nevertheless craves its end. Craves destruction. Although Brett sings about nothing less than an apocalytic end of the world (when plants die, stars cool, stars fall), supposedly the only event that would convince him to go back to her, we can tell that such a doomsday scenario would not be completely unwelcomed. Indeed, it may even be a wish. "Back To You" is in this sense the bleakest but most heart-wrenching version of an old expression, with an added sentiment: See you in hell. Can hardly wait.


  • i love this song. brett's new single, "love is dead", is a nice valentine's day song too ;)

    By Anonymous hilary, at 2:36 AM  

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