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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Go Find, "Adrenaline" (2007)

Things I Grudgingly Understand About The Go Find: why critics compare them to Styrofoam and Postal Service.

Well, the Belgium act -- just Dieter Sermeus for the first album, 2004's Miami, but now a full band for their excellent second album Stars On The Wall -- is often produced by their fellow countryman Styrofoam, and share the same label (Morr Music). And especially on the new album, Dieter, singing the same kind of electropop, does sound like Ben Gibbard (who himself sang on a Styrofoam track a few years back, so it's all connected). So compare away, unless you're talking to people who don't like Styrofoam and Postal Service.

Things I Do Not Understand About The Go Find, But Don't Really Care: why there is a Mel and Kim poster on the wall in this videoclip for "New Year," the lovely single from the album...

...but whatever the reason, it's awesome.

Things I Do Not Understand About The Go Find, But Upon Further Thought Kind Of Get It. Or Maybe Not: why my favorite song from the album -- although "New Year," "25 Years," "Ice Cold Ice," and even the brief opener "Beautiful Night" are jostling it -- is called "Adrenaline."

The word doesn't actually appear in the lyric, nor does that lyric ostensibly have much to do with adrenaline. What the lyric does have to do unclear. Dieter asks the song's addressee: "If I should be on your trail, would you turn around, be a friend of mine? Cause if you’ve seen the truth, I’d be a fool not to follow you." But later in the second verse, he declares: "How can I trust you? Cause every time I do, there’s always another point of view. So tell me what to do." The chorus resolves nothing, even if it haunts with its constant refrain: "Cause you, are the only one, who could prove I’m wrong, who could prove I’m wrong." Does he want to be proven wrong, or right? Does he love this person? Does he hate and stalk her? Does the possibility that she might love him back constitute the only thing that could disprove his own idea that he is unloveable? Meanwhile, the deceptively simple musical backing starts off slow and brooding, swirls a litte more on the chorus, and always seem on the verge of breaking into a full gallop -- but never does, and yet the song is somehow more gorgeous for it. Maybe the title refers to the music? No?


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