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Friday, March 16, 2007

Marit Bergman, "Green Light" (2006)

I like but didn't love Marit Bergman's "No Party" from late last year -- although I did enjoy tremendously the video, because, hello, it had A DRUMMING WALRUS IN A RAINCOAT -- and thus never sought out the parent album. But the latest single from I Think I See A Rainbow, "Mama, I Remember You Now," a Spectorish tribute to Mama Cass, prompted me to belatedly seek out an album that got lost in the year end shuffle. Which is what singles should do. Wow. The record industry worked the way it's supposed to. Imagine that!

Of course, maybe it would have worked even better if this album track had been a single. (I don't think it's been a single; this weird computer-animated gay video is unofficial, I believe.) "Green Light" has the same retro 60s feel as "Mama": a big, joyful beat; some lovely horns on the chorus; "ooh ah ah ah!" backing vocals; a spoken bit that is pure girl group; and even that tockity-tock bongo drum sound (only in your left ear) that always reminds me of spy or exploitation movies from that era. Meanwhile, at certain points in the song Marit sounds like, I kid you not, Belinda Carlisle. Though Belinda, as far as I'm aware, never sang songs to a walrus (no jokes about all her vodka-and-coke weight, please).


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