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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rage, "Run To You (12" Version)" (1992)

OK: I have to design a pamphlet about jazz
I think the sax on the front doesn't work.

BL: but people are still having sax, etc

OK: do you know, I have a copy of that album?

BL: !!!!!!
the single might be understandable
but the album?

OK: yes, they made an album!
it was $2
came with a bonus disc
which was the single!

BL: how bonurrific
i may be able to best you
remember that euro cover of bryan adam's "run to you" by a group called rage?
i have the album!!!

OK: no.
was it awesome?

BL: it WAS quite awesome
all thundering synths, washing over you etc

OK: because "Run To You" is great anyway

BL: um, is it?
I'm not sure I have any sympathy for bryan "oh no, it's such a chore having to fuck two women" adams
"i love you, my madonna! but i can only do you, whore!"
i think it made the UK top 10

OK: i don't think it was a hit here

BL: i don't even know what nationality rage was
but they were part of that wave of ravey dance pop -- shamen, bizarre inc, utah saints -- that in the early 90s was, um, all the rage

OK: I stopped listening to pop for a period between 1992 and 1994

BL: i hope you didnt miss "cotton eyed joe"
your life would have been empty without it


  • Run to You by The Rage has been a huge favorite of mine for so many years!!! I didn't know there was an album by them, most searching I've done on them comes up empty - as if they never existed. Thanks! Now I have a little more info.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:52 AM  

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