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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amerie, "Crazy Wonderful" (2007)

My second favorite line from Amerie's Because I Love It is from "Crazy Wonderful." The tune itself is pretty great, too. It probably ranks behind the singles/songs that everyone already knows and likes ("Take Control," "Gotta Work," "Losing U"), but the album is so often angsty and histrionic that it's nice when Amerie is in a more playful mood. Which she is on this tale about why it doesn't matter if her lipstick is sexy gloss, matt or frost, or ruby red or champagne pink, because it's going get rubbed off anyway. Thus, the sweetly girlish line: "I wanna kiss you all the time/That’s how I go through lipstick." Which: word. You should see my monthly expenditure on lip products.

My absolute favorite line? Many of the songs are, as I've mentioned, a little overwrought: partly because some of the album is invested, understandably, in recreating the dramatic sound of "1 Thing" (hence the shrieky "Hate 2 Love U"), and partly because Amerie seems to have a weakness for the hysterical ballad ("Somebody up there must love me, 'cause He gave me you." Sure. God's main concern is matchmaking). "When Loving U Was Easy" is in the latter mode, but during the middle eight, Amerie has a self-reflexive moment which I find hilarious. Accusing her lover of no longer loving her, and in turn making it hard for her to love him, Amerie and her backing vocalists get shriller and shriller. Then Amerie busts out with this line: "and I didn't mean to bring the choir to let you know YOU WERE WRONG!!!" Ha! I know I have the same problem: when I get combative with people, I don't just yell at them, but rally an entire choir behind me to help. But only accidentally, though. I can't help it if they follow me around and act all uber-supportive.


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