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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sneaky Sound System, "Thin Disguise" (2006)

Does anyone know where I can get a horse's head? Please don't say "guillotine Celine Dion." Be serious. I have to go to a party in a few weeks' time, and there is a "theme," unfortunately. I am to be "dressed as a movie character," and Khartoum is as good a choice as any. (No, I don't want to spend US$87.)

Although the more acclaimed vocalist out of Australian electropop band Sneaky Sound System is Connie Mitchell, I find some of the album tracks featuring MC Double D just as charming, if more loopily so. The man raps like he's coming to us from the 80s -- specifically, like Indeep is still making records and he's their lost frontman. No matter what line comes out of D's mouth, it sounds like he's really saying, secretly in his head, "There's not a problem I can't fix/Cause I can do it, in the mix!" For this track, he tells some sort of inane story about seeing through someone's "thin disguise" (which he may or may not rhyme with "Californian wine" -- who can tell? Also: WTF?), rapping the verses over a thumping beat, and letting his voice get awesomely robotic for the chorus (i.e., his voice gets "disguised" right when he claims that he is seeing through ours. Do YOU see?). There's even a Nu Shooz shout-out in the middle eight. To paraphrase a line from the song, it's all "most undignified," but the whole block of cheese is just ridiculously exhilarating. Who needs dignity? I'm planning to arrive at a dinner party as a horse's head, for crissakes.


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