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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

P. J. Proby and Marc Almond featuring the My Life Story Orchestra, "Yesterday Has Gone (Balearico Mix)" (1996)

So, what have you brought in for us today?
It's a CD single called "Yesterday Has Gone." Credited to P.J. Proby and Marc Almond featuring the My Life Story Orchestra, to give the troop its full title.

I guess that's Mr. Proby and Almond on the cover.
They do look a bit tragic. Marc was probably trying to repeat the unconventional "duet-with-an-old-codger" magic he experienced in 1989 with "Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart."

Interesting lace-up shirt on Mr. Proby.
When Marc Almond looks demure next to you, then...

I see it's part 1 of a 2 CD set. Do you have the second half?
'Fraid not. It does come in a double CD case, so if anyone finds CD2, which features P.J. singing Christmas songs, it'll slide right in.

Yes, quite. Tell us how you came to be in possession of this. Found it in your grandma's attic?
No. I bought it from a CD store called Record Hog, near Boston. This was maybe five, seven years ago? I'm a bit hazy.

And how much did you pay for it?
I don't remember for sure. I think four, five US dollars. It wasn't that cheap; I remember because I saw it in the racks, and didn't buy it immediately. So it wasn't like, a quarter. But when I went back the next time, it was still there, so I gave in.

What attracted you to it?
The song on the b-side. It's called "Pain In My Heart," and it was co-written and produced by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs from Saint Etienne. It was one of several songs they produced for Proby's Legend album. It's a retro, soulful-sounding thing, and I --

Interesting. So it wasn't the a-side you wanted.
Though the a-side ended up being significant. Or rather, the mix did -- it's by Balearico. At that time I think I heard of Balearico because they had remixed Saint Etienne's "Burnt Out Car." I eventually realized that Balearico is, as it says on the sleeve, Brian Higgins and Matt Gray, who are now the movers and shakers behind uber-producing team Xenomania.

If you say so. I'm not sure they have enough fans for the mix and the CD to be that coveted.
I see.

This is in quite mint condition, which is good news.
Oh, yes.

So, how much do you think this is worth?
Oh, I don't know. I brought it in just out of curiosity, really.

Care to venture a guess?
Um, eighty US dollars?

Probably not. I would say maybe six pounds, or maybe twelve, fourteen US dollars tops.

Are you disappointed?
No, no, I had no expectations. As I said, I was just curious. That CD has been in my family, a few years, so I wouldn't think of selling it and making a killing anyway, and --

Okay. By the way, there's no need to speak with an English accent, you know. You're not Madonna.
I -- I just -- It just seemed more antiquey with an English accent.